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by Hong on April 22, 2012

Bridal Veil

Bridal Veil 

A perfect wedding dress requires a perfect bridal veil.  It is only complete when the two items are in perfect harmony.  If you do not choose a veil that suits you and your wedding dress, then the whole wedding attire will not have the perfect look.  So do spend sometimes to decide on what types of bridal veils to go with your wedding dress.

Bridal veil comes in different length, width, color and finishing.  So you must know what types of veil can go with not only your wedding dress but with your body shape and face as well.   When your wedding dress has lovely design on the bust or back area,  or you have bridal jewelry  that you wish to show, then you should consider having a veil that will reach up to the chin, or if you opt to have a longer bridal veil, then look for sheer material that can allow people to see through.  So you can have as short as those that reach your chin, or you can have mid-length that reach your finger tips or you wish to have the long veils that reach the floor and the longest is the Cathedral Length Veils which stretch up to 120m and some even make it nine feet longer.   Width of bridal veil is to be chosen with due care.  Generally there are 3 different widths to choose from and they will look different in fullness to the top and side of the veil.

The next thing you need to consider is the colors.  Normally you can get white, pink, gold and ivory with a regular or shimmering finish.  The color of course must be able to go with your wedding gown.  Then you have to think about how many tiers you want.  Besides, you also need to decide whether you would want a blusher or not.  You need to also think about your bridal veil edge’s design, lining with lace or ribbon.  You can afford to have more elaborated style if your wedding dress is of simple cut.  On the other hand, if the wedding dress is very detail, then you might have to choose a simpler bridal veil.

Bridal veil complements your wedding dress

The shape of your face also affects your choice of bridal veil.  For example, if your face looks square, then you might want to choose a shoulder length veil to help to make your face look long thus soften the square look.  Bridal veils also help to cover and correct your body shape.  If you are heave on the upper part of the body with tummy then choose a long veil at least above fingertips length.  It will give an elongated look.   However if you are heavy on the bottom, to divert the attention, wear a shoulder length veil.

Hairstyle is also a very important factor in deciding the type of bridal veils to have because it must be styled to be able to carry the veil well.   Some veils with heavy head piece or long and multi tier might need you to put up your in a bun.  Then you also have to consider the placement of the head piece whether it is in front or towards the back.  It is always better to consult the professional when selecting the bridal veil to go with your wedding dress.

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